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Bill Horvitz Band


Bill Horvitz

Steve Adams
saxophones and flutes

Harris Eisenstadt


"a compact unit that gushes with artistic expressionism while providing an abundance of good-natured fun along the way. "

- Glenn Astarita,

ill Horvitz, Steve Adams, and Harris Eisenstadt are critically recognized as among the finest instrumentalists and composers on the American Jazz/New Music scene. Their unique original compositions combine most types of 20th century music one could name - from jazz and blues to rock, classical, and world music. The band moves with fluid grace between tight compositions and improvised solo and ensemble work, communicating with a telepathic rapport. Driving swing, lyrical ballads, and funky grooves all contribute to an exciting performance that moves the head, heart, and soul.

The band has been performing since 1992, presenting concerts throughout the United States and in Canada. The Bill Horvitz Band has released two CDs, Dust Devil, on the Music and Arts label (#993) and The Disappearance on Evander Music (018)

Steve Adams
Saxophones and Flutes

Steve Adams is a multi-woodwind virtuoso and improviser par excellence, whose inimitable sense of melody, rhythm, and harmony reveals a personally eloquent musical conception. Adams blends a remarkable flexibility of phrase and technique with a firmness of execution and manifest originality. His playing runs the emotional gamut from strutting self-confidence to emotional vulnerability, with everything that’s honest in between. Adams composes and plays all the saxophones and flutes. He is a graduate of the School of Contemporary Music in Boston, a former member of Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet, and now resides in Oakland, CA where he plays with the ROVA Saxophone Quartet, hailed as "one of the most daring ensembles of any instrumentation to emerge in recent years," by Downbeat Magazine. He has written music for four productions at the California Shakespeare Festival and has performed with Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Sam Rivers, David Holland, John Zorn, and Ted Nugent, as well as many other jazz, rock, classical, dance, and theater groups.

Harris Eisenstadt

Harris Eisenstadt is a drummer / percussionist / composer based in Los Angeles. He attended the California Institute of the Arts on merit scholarship (MFA, 2001), The New School for Social Research (1997), and Colby College (BA, 1998).

His teachers have included Barry Altschul, John Bergamo, Big Black, Pat Brancaccio, Vinny Golia, Gerry Hemingway, David Johnson, Joe Labarbera, Beatrice Lawluvi, Alfred Ladzekpo, Kobla Ladzekpo, John Mizner, David Mott, Steven Nuss, Adam Rudolph, Ira Sadoff, Aron Serfaty, and Wadada Leo Smith.

He has performed and / or recorded with Steve Adams, Ralph Alessi, Gregg Bendian, John Bergamo, Big Black, Eric Boeren, John Butcher, Daniel Carter, Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Mark Dresser, John Edwards, Simon H. Fell, Bruce Fowler, Vinny Golia, Bill Horvitz, Achim Kaufmann, Peter Kowald, Munyungo Jackson, Yusef Lateef, Anne LeBaron, Bennie Maupin, Torsten Muller, James Newton, Kevin Norton,Larry Ochs, Tim Perkis, David Philipson, Jon Raskin, Sam Rivers, Adam Rudolph, William Roper, John Russell, Paul Rutherford, Amit Sen, Elliot Sharp, Wadada Leo Smith, David Stackenas, Miroslav Tadic, Pat Thomas, Mark Trayle, Dwight Tribble, Biggi Vinkeloe, Michael Vlatkovich, Cuong Vu, Phil Wachsmann, and Joe Williamson among many others.

Joseph Sabella

[Joseph Sabella was the drummer in the BH Band from 1992 until 2002. He is the drummer on both the cds Dust Devil and The Disappearance.]

Joseph Sabella is an all-round master of creative percussion, capable of setting the earthiest of grooves, even as he moves the music into new worlds of multiple-rhythm and improvisational freedom.


Sabella has a fine sense of ensemble cooperation; his ability to interact as the music develops is uncanny. His fluid, subtle, and assertive style drives and complements the music in appropriate measure. Sabella has been drumming since he was 7 years old and has performed in every context imaginable, from punk bands--including Indoor Life--blues and jazz groups, to improvised-music ensembles, pit orchestras, and on film soundtracks. He has played with James Montgomery, John Zorn, Shelley Hirsch, Arto Lindsay, Derek Bailey, Greg Goodman, John Tchicai, Nels Cline, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, J.A. Deane, Vinny Golia, Ikue Mori, George Lewis, and John Oswald. Sabella recently composed and performed on Broadway the music for world-reknowned playwright Sam Shepard's States of Shock. Previously, he has written music and played for three other world premieres of Sam Shepard's work.