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The Bill Horvitz Expanded Band in Tribute to Philip Horvitz
Friday Nov. 17th - SF & Sunday Nov. 19th - Sebastopol
(details below)

Omid Zoufonoun (conducting), Steve Adams (sax/flute), Jon Raskin (sax),
George Cremaschi (bass), Hal Forman (trumpet), Darren Johnston (trumpet), Liam Staskawicz (trombone), Aram Shelton (clarinets), Kyle Bruckman (oboe, English horn), Matt Montgomery (violin), Robin Eschner (vocals, piano), Joseph Sabella (drums), and Bill Horvitz (electric and acoustic guitar and vocals)

I'm delighted to say that we will be joined by Brian Thorstensen -
the wonderful writer and playwright - and Philip's treasured friend.
Brian will be reading some of his writing for Philip with music
accompaniment as part of the performance.

A Tribute to My Brother Philip
For those of you who didn't know my brother, he passed away suddenly
on March 30, 2005 at the age of 44. He was an inspired writer,
director, actor, and a man who deeply loved many kinds of music. He
was generous and kind, playful and curious . . . dramatic and impassioned. He had the largest group of extremely close friends of anyone I've ever known. I had been wanting to write something as a tribute to him, and honestly was pretty much unable to for quite a while. At some point, I began hearing the beginnings of new compositions that felt in some way related to Philip. I started putting these together and the resulting mix is a collection of folk, jazz, funk, and improvisational works that have come out of the enormous range of emotions I've felt since his death, and though they are not "his music" they have been influenced by him nonetheless.

So please mark your calendars (and tell your friends) and join us for
some moving and wacky and sad and fun music to celebrate Philip in
one of the myriad ways that are possible.

Thank you!!!

Friday, November 17th  8pm
Community Music Center
544 Capp St. (between S. Van Ness and Mission near 21st St.)  SF 
(415) 647-6015

Sunday, November 19th 8pm
Sebastopol Brewing Company 
230 Petaluma Ave (0n the left coming into Seb. on 116 from 101) Sebastopol 
(707) 823-7837
directions at

Bill Horvitz Band Spring 2007 East Coast Tour
April 24 through May 6
look for info soon about dates in these and other places:



Washington, DC   and more . . . . . .



with the Occidental Choir

weekends of December 1/2 and 8/9 Sonoma County

see for concert dates and locations and times

Bill Horvitz Ensemble

Community Music Center, SF

Friday, November 17

Bill Horvitz Trio with

Hal Foreman trumpet

Matt Montgomery violin

Old Ironsides, Sacramento, CA

Sunday, August 6

with Moe Staiano's Moekestra

CD release party

12 Galaxies, SF

Wednesday, July 19

with the Occidental Choir
Friday, May 5     Sebastopol, CA
Saturday, May 6    Occidental, CA
Sunday, May 7    Santa Rosa, CA
Friday, May 19    Petaluma, CA
Saturday, May 20    Santa Rosa, CA
Sunday, May 21    Occidental, CA

with Vinny Golia's Bay Area Ensemble

21 Grand, Oakland CA

Wednesday, April 19

with Moe Staino   
CD recording
March 14 Oakland, CA

with Harris Eisenstadt Ahimsa Orchestra 
February 2 Oakland, CA

with Bret Martin
January 28 San Francisco;  February 25th Petaluma, CA

with Wayne Horvitz and special guest Lesli Dalaba   
January 18 Seattle, WA



Tour Dates in January 2006
Mt. Shasta Jan 13
Ashland January 14
Eugene Jan 15
Bellingham January 16
Seattle January 17
Vancouver, BC Jan 19
Portland January 22
Klamath Falls, OR Jan 23

(more dates and information to come check TONE for concert dates and locations and times )


Thursday, April 21 7pm

Robin Eschner and Bill Horvitz, guitars and vocals
Quicksilver Mine Company
6671 Front Street (Highway 116)
Forestville, CA, 95436
(707) 887-0799

with songwriter Bret Martin

June 4 Santa Rosa
August 3 Anaheim
August 8 Petaluma
January 28 San Francisco

with the Occidental Choir
May 6, 7, 8, 20, 21, 22 Sonoma County
Montecatini, Italy Choir Festival June 26-30
Spring Sonoma County Concerts for concert dates and locations and times

with poet Bob Stanley
Saturday, February 12
Second Saturday Poetry Series
The Book Collector, at 1008 24th (twixt J & K).
Midtown Sacramento. 8 pm
(916) 442-9295

Bob's Bio
A poet for over three decades, Bob Stanley left behind a business career to pursue a Master’s degree in the Sac State creative writing program, and he hopes to teach English at American River College in the Fall. His poems have been published in numerous journals and anthologies, including The Sacramento Anthology and The Dreamlife of Johnny Baseball. A monthly host at the Sacramento Poetry Center, Bob is currently working on a jazz opera entitled Xanadu. He lives in the Arden area with his wife Joyce, and their four children.

[see poem below]

The New Arrangement

There is a place in this arrangement where I have to make the leap
from where I am
to where I want to go
the words are
but the like is way up high above the love
a major third
and the L’s get in the way
so it comes out a little flat.

I focus my attention on the column of air that moves
right through my heart
When it’s working right it runs from the genitals all the way
to just below the brain
and then it projects
the notes, the words
into a woven fabric of meaning
and when it doesn’t it sounds
like a farm animal on a cold morning.

Who ever thought I would
practice using air so that air
would become whatever I wanted it to be?
Even now I hum to myself
while I wait here at this broad intersection
under a sky grey and white,
the sound of an ambulance recedes
love like love like love like
and as the light changes I move forward
into the measured step of
two or four, depending on
what I want you to feel.

Sometimes you take something
very small to stand for
everything that is going on in a life.
Right now I’m trying
with everything I’ve got
to make one small change
this one leap sound just right
so it’s as smooth a circle
so I breathe more deeply
to make something as simple as
two or three words resonate
so we both understand, you and I.

This is my work
to learn this new arrangement -
Over and over opening wide
to control the vagaries
of mind and tongue:
love like love like love like love like…
and then at last as if sighing
as I sit down into an easy chair
I reveal the note of resolution
at the end of the solo:

- Bob Stanley