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Private guitar lessons where you have fun while learning how to:

fingerpick and flatpick   play solos in any style    jam with other musicians

accompany singers   play jazz chord-melody style  learn performance skills

understand harmony and theory.   more.......



Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30
$240.00 for eight classes
Class minimum, 5 Class maximum, 7

For the past couple of years I've been giving classes in performance, which have been a terrific amount of fun and a rewarding learning experience for all. During this time many students have expressed an interest in having an ongoing opportunity to sing and play instruments with others in an informal lightly-structured setting. The request has been for something
similar to playing in a living room with a group of friends while having a bit of guidance. I am excited to be offering a six-week class where we mostly do just that.

Each two-hour class will begin with some rhythm and singing warm-ups I've been using with great success in my teaching. Then we will gather in a circle and sing and play songs together. Each class member will choose songs he or she would like to play and have opportunities to lead these songs for the group. If needed, I have plenty of ideas for songs along with lyric sheets and chord charts. The class is open to singers and instrumentalists at all levels: from beginners with a basic ability to play along with a group, to those with more advanced skills.

As we gain experience, we will aim to become comfortable with the nuances of listening, singing with others, singing harmonies, playing instrumental solos (if desired), and of reading various styles
of chord charts. We will learn the ropes of the time-honored “etiquette” of jamming.
                                     We’ll have fun!


Do you wish you felt more at ease sharing the music you love? Are you nervous about performing in public or playing in front of friends and family? Would you like to improve your ability to connect with any audience? This class will give you a chance to play for and listen to others in an intimate and supportive setting once a week for six weeks.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

• how to prepare a song for performance.

• how to know when you're ready to perform a song.

• ways to set up a song by telling stories or sharing information.

• how to connect with an audience...understanding our relationship with those
  who listen to us perform.

• how to understand nervousness and fear, making it more fun to perform.

• how to give and receive feedback in a positive way.

I’ve taught three sessions of this class in the past six months. The classes have been an enormous success. The people in it have become far more comfortable performing and were able to give each other a supportive environment to share music. The focus is about learning how to better connect with an audience. It is not at all about the skill level of your playing or singing. All levels are very welcome.

Students Speak:

"Bill Horvitz is a great guitar teacher. He meets you on your level, and provides just the tips you need to advance to the next level. He's a talented and experienced player himself, comfortable with many different styles, and has a solid grounding in music theory, not just a bag of guitar licks."                Patrick Fanning  Graton, CA


"I have been a student of Bill Horvitz’s for several years, and I cannot speak highly enough of him as a music teacher.  His ability with a guitar is of course superb, but perhaps more importantly for me as a student, is that he has a great ability to encourage and facilitate one’s self development.  My lessons with him are often challenging and yet thoroughly enjoyable and he has helped me to my goal of actually making music with a guitar.

I recently participated in Bill’s performance class, which is a 6 week once a week class in which the emphasis is on development of performance skills.  I was amazed at the progress I made in such a short time and it was actually a personal barrier breaking experience for me.  I learned and was able to sing a song for that class; though this may not seem like much, I have for my whole life, truly believed I cannot sing.

More than just learning to play an instrument, I have learned from Bill what a precious experience music is."      Mike Magne Forestville, CA