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Tone Bent

Art: Robin Eschner


TONE BENT is a new duo that combines the talents of critically acclaimed musicians and songwriters:

Robin Eschner


Bill Horvitz.

features original songs as well as covers, often twisting old favorites in new ways. Eschner and Horvitz blend their voices as they sing about everything from children growing up to love to dance to the last passenger pigeon on the planet... on and on... Their songs are snapshots of life, filled with insights, moving stories—be they funny or serious--vivid images, gorgeous harmonies, and original and inspired guitar.


Okay – so you could pretty much toss a rock with your eyes closed and hit a singer-songwriter in most towns in our country. What’s so different about Robin’s songs? Well, maybe it is the fact that when her melodic lines come floating back to you, long after you’ve heard them, you’re thankful. Maybe it is the way these melodic lines so carefully hug Robin’s compelling and narrative lyrics, or the way you feel pretty sure her songs must have been written just for you. Maybe it’s the way she sings... one part butterscotch and one part peppercorn. Or maybe it’s because just when you think you have it figured out and you’re about to pin a folk genre on her... you get knocked off your peg by a flat five or a ninth. Maybe that’s it. Or it could be because the dog gets wings and starts to fly. Or you’re suddenly in a paper boat in the middle of the sea... but you know it’s all going to be okay.

Maybe it’s because her passion for writing intricate harmonies and choral music gets tangled up with her career as a painter or her fascination with the way a baked potato sounds when it hits the floor. Whatever it is, chances are pretty good you’ll be glad your paths have crossed. And when she sings with Bill... gladness becomes a snowy egret gliding across the shoreline toward the next reflection of sky on water. Happens all the time.

Well you could toss that same rock and probably hit two or three guitar players. Chances are not many of them would have been compared to compared to John McLaughlin, Sonny Sharrock, Jimmy Page, Roger McGuinn, Dave Van Ronk, John Fahey, and Robert Fripp. Bill has. Critics have described his music as “meditative, sizzling, earthy, funky, joyous, brooding, gorgeous, serene, and kinetically charged.” Don’t let this confuse you.

Bill started out playing folk and traditional music and expanded his musical horizons, working with a long list of some of the best jazz and new-music composers and performers. His recently recorded CD of solo acoustic guitar pieces (Tuolumne Songs) received high praise from listeners, including Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He has collaborated with musicians in many genres including Butch Morris, John Zorn, Scott Nygaard, Steve Adams, Joseph Sabella, Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Harris Eisenstadt, Myra Melford, Wayne Horvitz, Robin Holcomb, Bobby Previte, Elliott Sharp, and Phillip Johnston.

He has led the original jazz trio The Bill Horvitz Band for the past 12 years and often works as a guitarist accompanying singers in a wide range of styles. Horvitz has also produced music for dance, theater, and film, He frequently collaborates with writers, combining music and spoken word. He composed the music for Karen Penley’s Circus Proboscis: A Sneeze of Freaks and the film Gravity Hill.